VOLO - Edited-129


Volo Beauty founder, Anita Botha, started her journey with hair extensions at a young age and it was a passion that followed her around for 13 years. She completed her degree in B Comm Communication Management and started her career in the corporate word. In 2014 that she decided to go on a quest to find the best quality hair extensions to offer the South-African Market. After 3 years of visiting numerous countries and importing hair from all over the world– she found the apex of all the hair she tested and is proud to offer this outstanding product to the hair industry.


Volo Beauty offers 100% Human Hair Tape-In Extension. The hair is Virgin Remy Hair and passed the quality test by the International Hair and Hair Products Quality Board. All our hair is double drawn. The shorter hairs are removed by hand and not by a machine which results in a fuller and thicker tip to root ratio (60%). The hair offered by Volo Beauty starts with a raw hair screening process, thereafter the hair is cleaned and sterilised. The raw hair is handpicked, double drawn and dyed by the manufacturer using excellent quality hair products, clean and sterilised work space and specialised staff.

Volo Beauty’s signature product range offers limitless styles, unique and creative colours and exceptional quality.


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